Back to Witmart Home Releases New Affordable Web Design Services for Businesses Seeking a Professional Website, the world’s largest crowdsourcing marketplace for professional freelance services, recently announced their complete and affordable web design services for small businesses around the globe. The new service, empowered by their crowdsourcing community of over 7 million worldwide freelancers, gives business owners instant access to thousands of professional freelance web designers all in one place.

According to a new report from the U.N.'s telecommunication's agency, the International Telecommunications Union, nearly 78% of the US population is using the Internet. As more people spend time browsing or making purchases online, having a professional-looking website is critical for any business who is looking to either sell their products and services or connect with potential customers online. However, for many small businesses with limited resources, finding the right web designer and developer for their project can be a daunting process.

This is where Witmart’s web design service comes in, utilizing their crowdsourcing platform to connect thousands of passionate web design experts with businesses seeking a professional-looking website at affordable costs. In three easy steps, business owners can post their own web design project in minutes and receive multiple customized proposals from a community of web designers in seven days. This allows the business to choose the most suitable web designer and web developer to complete their project easily and securely.

For some business owners who aren’t comfortable with the technical aspects of web design, explaining to designers what they are envisioning for a web page can be quite a challenge. To make a business owners’ job much easier, Witmart also introduces their web design project management service to help manage the entire process including project consultation, requirement specification, client communication, reporting, and job management in general.

“Witmart's easy-to-use crowdsourcing model worked wonders especially with their great platform to access designers from a variety of backgrounds. I am really happy with the service and it's so easy to use,” said Jeff, CEO of a marketing consulting firm based in New York.

Richard, the CEO of, believes that Witmart’s web design services will be a great help to business owners who need to have a fully scaled ecommerce website or simply want to establish their online presence. “The launch of our brand new website design and development service shows just how committed we really are to building a dedicated professional services marketplace for businesses, including offering the best value and more options to our growing client base.”

Together with logo design, translation, writing, and sales & marketing, web design is a critical part of the one-stop services Witmart offers for business owners and entrepreneurs.

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